March 25, 2013

I wanna to be close, close to your side
So heaven is real and death is a lie
I wanna hear voices of angels above
Singing as one.

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What I thought of Ryan on today’s episode. Good thing he went home.

What I thought of Ryan on today’s episode. Good thing he went home.

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so serene. GORGEOUS


so serene. GORGEOUS

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I agree with Ashley’s caption on this picture. It totally speaks for itself.

I agree with Ashley’s caption on this picture. It totally speaks for itself.

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Doug Angry! Doug Smash! Doug Sad. I agree with Arie 100%.

Doug Angry! Doug Smash! Doug Sad. I agree with Arie 100%.

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The Bachelorette (Emily Maynard): Episode 01

For any of you Bachelor, Bachelorette and/or Bachelor Pad lovers, this post is for you. Anyone that is reading can feel free to agree or disagree with me. I would actually like it if other fans would reply back to this post and tell me what you think of the guys on this season. I do know who the final 3 are because of Reality Steve. Thank you Reality Steve. But even though I know, I’m still going to talk about the guys as if I have no idea who there final 3 are.

First off, I was surprised to even see Alessandro make it past the first rose ceremony. I know we aren’t suppose to judge by the cover of the book, but even looking past his looks, his personality did not click with Emily’s at all.

Secondly, I knew and probably most of the viewers knew right off the bat that Lerone would not make it past the first rose ceremony. It is truly sad to see that season by season, this reality show lacks diversity, and is dominated by the Caucasian/European race. And no ABC, adding a token black guy into the mix of white men does not show diversity.

On to the boys that have caught my attention;

Joe - I knew that Emily was attracted to Joe from the start because she mentioned that he reminded her of Matthew Mcconaughey. (Compliment?). If it was a compliment, I would have to disagree with her judgement. At times, he does look like Matt, but most of the time, I don’t think he’s attractive. Joe looks much more older than his actual age, probably because of his receding hairline.

Stevie - Knowing that Emily has been with Brad in the past, Stevie didn’t look like he was her type at all. Right when he came out of the limo, there was something about him that I didn’t like. Maybe it was the awkward patch of hair on his chin? I’m not sure what he is trying to pull off, probably the goat look? And as for his entrance and first impression? The boom box and THAT dancing was, well…AWFUL. NEXT!

Ryan - Yet another Ryan that lives up to his name. I do agree with Emily when she mentions that Ryan is attractive, but not as attractive as she described him to be. Clearly she can’t see the bump it in his hair for extra volume, what’s up with that?! But I guess she wasn’t just judging his attractiveness based on looks alone, but because he’s athletic, plays football and fit. A+ for Ryan, bonus points!

Travis - Oh Travis! Nope, he didn’t come to find his future wife and meet Emily. He came on the show to introduce and show off his current relationship with Shelly, the egg. His intentions of taking care of an egg was probably to show Emily that he is careful and responsible. But A for effort Travis, this shows true boldness. Being bold to go on television…to be weird.

Jef - Definition: noun. Indie Kid. He really does look like a kid. I’m not saying he’s not going to be a good father, but he does not look like he’d have any connection with Emily. Would she even take Jef seriously especially with his Bruno hairstyle?

Chris - He definitely reminds me of HAWKEYE. Points for you Chris. But he doesn’t really show any emotions, but let’s see how he does on the show.

Jackson - Embarrassing. He got down on one knee just as if he was ALREADY proposing to her. And to think it couldn’t get anymore cheesy, the words that came out of his mouth were so corny that I wanted to cringe. Just get up, introduce yourself normally. Once you’ve watched this entrance, you’ll see that it was extremely awkward for the both of you.

Alessandro - Once he came out of the limo, one word popped into my mind, and that word was shady. He looked too old for Emily, and not to be rude but I don’t think he’s going to stay on the show for too long.

Arie - He is by far my favourite person from the start of the show. Mainly because Arie reminded me of  many of past crushes (people I know and celebrities). Bonus points to Arie. It was also brave for Arie to mention that he’s a race car driver knowing that Ricki’s dad had the same profession as him. Arie probably came into knowing that this piece of information might break it or make it. But one thing I don’t really understand is that Emily didn’t know OF Arie since she probably knows a bit of the Race Car Industry. Was it just an act? Is this not the first time they’ve met? Is this a reason why they’ve already had a “connection”.

Brent - Handful. 6 kids, too many.

Kalon - Judging by his entrance, my first impression of him was douche-bag. (excuse my language). A guy that spends so much money on luggage and time on themselves shouldn’t be on a search for a wife, but should be on a search for a mirror. (thought I’d make a gay joke there, didn’t you? Well it could work both ways). I knew right off the bat that he was going to be one of those stuck up guys on the show. The target. The guy that everyone hated. Without a doubt, we all knew that every guy in the house would react to his grand entrance. But these guys talked about him for so long, not only did they seem jealous of him, but they were getting way to OBSESSED about talking about Kalon.

Doug - First off, he has a son which is a BONUS and ADVANTAGE for him. Emily would probably keep him around for a while knowing that they have a few similarities, and knowing that he knows how to raise and take care of a child. The note that was read by Emily which was written by his 11 year old son was a great move. Bonus points again. Take notes boys, and that’s how it’s done. You go “glen coco”.

Aaron -I was kind of embarrassed of his chemistry pick up line because it didn’t work. (better luck next time Aaron). But even though he was the oldest one on the show, he was definitely one of the cutest guys on the show. I like him.

Sean - Drool-Worthy Sean Lowe. He’s one of those guys that can’t be called by only his first name. He’d have to introduce himself like James Bond. I’m Lowe, Sean Lowe. He’s attractive, him and Emily have the same faith, he’s family oriented, and last but MOST DEFINITELY NOT LEAST, his arms are the size of my head. He is definitely one of the most fit guys on the show, which makes him drool-worthy Sean Lowe. BONUS POINTS x 10. He wins.

Tony - For the love of Disney, please do not attempt that again. From the first episode, I’m not going to remember him by “the guy with the son”, but by the guy with the glass slipper. WHY? How do these guys come up with these things!?

Out of all the guys, my favourite would have to be Arie and Sean. I just can’t pick one guy. I am aware of Arie’s past, but I still like him. Who is yours?

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Well I will walk by faith
Even when I cannot see
Well because this broken road
Prepares Your will for me

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I love this —- an old dress shirt transformed into a skirt. Only if it was less wrinkly.

I love this —- an old dress shirt transformed into a skirt. Only if it was less wrinkly.